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The logo is the first stage of any branding project and is the core from which all other concept elements are generated, especially colour schemes. It is the main communicator and representation of a company's image and specialty.

Typically, the next stage is creation of a letterhead with matching envelope. Once these central pieces are in place, other core elements, including typefaces and identifying graphics, are established and dictate the "look and feel" of all other works. These elements will govern the concepts behind ads, signs, brochures, flyers, internal documents, websites and other works.

The idea is to communicate the visual identity of a company in a consistent manner. Only by following this rule of consistency in presentation can it establish continuing trust with its clientele.

To the right are samples of logos that we created as stand-alone identifiers for businesses and entertainers.

Below is a gallery of some core branding elements - logo, letterhead and envelope.

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