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With our success in creating a logo, splash page ads and banners for The Rip-Tide Army, which garnered hundreds of enrollments, we've decided to offer our professional services to the broader Internet Marketing community.

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We do not offer pre-packaged web graphics or page templates. As professional designers, every piece we create for you will be custom made with original graphics and layouts - not the "cookie cutter" ads that result from packages sold to ten of thousands of Internet Marketers. If you browse our examples (upper right) you'll see how we will design your ads in our own distinctive and elegant style.

We will work with you, offer advice based on our years of professional experience and expertise, help you turn otherwise mundane text into sparkling, thought-provoking copy and make your ads stand apart from (and above) the repetitive and often low-quality pages we see time and again while surfing the traffic exchanges. Remember, one of the foundations of sales is that Presentation is Everything!

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